Simply Hemp

We have pure hemp CBD oil derived from U.S. grown hemp with no additives.   Our products are made with Phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil and hemp seed oil.   They are produced in a regulated, certified and cruelty free facility. Each product comes with a lot number that matches a certificate of analysis (COA) that is given upon request.

Forest Remedies

Our activated, full spectrum, hemp derived CBD oil is distilled and extracted under the most rigorous standards in the industry. We start with 100% pesticide and containment free, American grown hemp. American grown hemp offers the cleanest safety profile and superior medicinal benefits, and we work along-side our farmers, consulting on pesticide-free, organic and regenerative farming techniques.

Our CBD oil is extracted at one of our two privately owned, industry leading facilities using non-GMO extraction techniques designed to yield the highest level of pure, full spectrum cannabinoids and provide the most impactful health benefits. All of our extracts are tested for purity at an industry-leading third-party laboratory. A batch number is printed on every bottle and third-party lab test are available online.

Forest Remedies has been passionate about wellness and on the cutting edge of botanical extraction techniques for over 20 years.  We produce the highest quality products derived only from US grown, clean, tested ingredients. We are involved in every part of the process, from working with the farmers during the growth cycle to processing, testing and packaging and distributing our products.

We are pioneers in pesticide-free, organic and regenerative farming. We use non-GMO ethanol in our proprietary extractions process, which has been refined to retain in maximum cannabinoid compounds, providing broad and full-spectrum extractions with the most impactful health benefits.

Clean Remedies

What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are a group of fatty compounds found in hemp but also produced by other plants and the human body.  They are the primary chemical compounds produced by the cannabis plant.  These compounds are key players in normal immune and central nervous system functioning.  There are more than 100 identified cannabinoids.  *

Hemp produces more than 100 different phytocannabinoids naturally.  Of the 100+ non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids, Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most widely known.  Others include Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene (CBC) and more.


How do I know my correct dose?

Everyone is different. It is best to start small and gradually increase until you experience the desired result.


Are your products lab tested?

Yes, beyond all the state and federal requirements all our products are third party analytical lab tested and we can provide those results when need be.  We test for impurities, pesticides, mold and mildew.  We use whole plant extraction techniques to gather all the healing properties of hemp.  Our agricultural hemp is Farm Bill compliant and sun grown by Oregon farmers following strict certified organic guidelines.  Our gentle extraction process retails the full spectrum of complex beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.  This ensures our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is the cleanest of remedies.

**Product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any diseases.